Brighton Digital Marketing Festival 2013: The Content Cycle by Head of Social Media David Somerville

Written by Intern - 19 Sep 2013

David Somerville Presenting at Fresh Egg

Today, our head of social media David Somerville presents his talk – The Content Cycle – at Brighton Digital Marketing Festival 2013.

If you’re looking for his slides, you can check them out below.





In his talk, David covers the five different stages of the content cycle, which aims to help you plan, implement, measure and improve upon the success of your content marketing strategy and which Fresh Egg's dedicated content team use to create top quality content for our clients. These five stages are:




    • Discovery – an investigation stage to guide your content strategy and campaigns



    • Planning and setup ��� a stage that ensures your content is well thought-out and designed to meet specific objectives



    • Execution – creating your content and promoting it



    • Reporting, analysis and insight – measuring what has happened as a result of your content campaigns



    • Refinement – learning from your reporting and feeding back into planning and setup to help guide future campaigns



Fresh Egg's content team can audit your content, create a strategy for your brand, write fantastic content and measure and monitor it. If you have any questions relating to The Content Cycle, or how Fresh Egg’s dedicated social media and content teams can help with your digital marketing needs, contact us online or call 0843 634 5516.

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing our key takeaways from the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival 2013 - don’t forget to come back to the Fresh Egg blog then!

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