Fresh Egg Sydney and Criteo Cover Audience and Cross Device Marketing at Breakfast Workshop

Written by Michelle Wilding - 04 Sep 2015

Fantastic food, harbour views, business leaders and a hunger for digital marketing wisdom. That was the recipe that made Fresh Egg Sydney and Criteo’s joint breakfast workshop a hit.

The room was brimming with clients and industry leaders from a wide range of verticals who were keen to hear tips from our very own Technical SEO Director Mike Hagley (Understanding your audience in the digital world). Criteo Sales Manager Steve McMahon and Account Strategist Charles Voyagis also shared the floor to tackle the complexities of cross-device performance marketing.

If you’re looking for a recap of our breakfast learnings, you can get up to speed with the key take outs and slide decks below.

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Build a brand and leverage organic search

Many businesses are still heavily reliant on paid media spend to drive results. However, this isn’t always the most efficient approach. For some, the predominant focus should be on technical SEO and inbound marketing to leverage organic visibility in Google’s highly trusted search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google’s search algorithm has moved towards conversational search, semantics and accurately understanding user intent. That’s why understanding your audience – what they’re interested in, how they search and where they hang out online – goes further than outdated, black hat SEO practices (like keyword stuffing and unethical link building).

The quote below by Fresh Egg’s Lee Colbran reminds us that there is no short cut to achieving visibility in the SERPs, as inbound marketing and genuine human appeal is of necessity.

lee-colbran“Why would Google place a website on the first page of its index if the website in question does not cover all facets of its industry or products, is not being spoken about in social channels, and does not have the breadth of content to satisfy the user journey?”

– Lee Colbran, Fresh Egg’s Digital Marketing Director

Mike also referenced an interesting article – Confessions of a Google Spammer – to further highlight why building a brand through inbound marketing is imperative.


Personalise content at all stages of the buying cycle

Whether your prospective customers are researching, ready to buy or have experienced a trigger event, it’s important your site content speaks to people at each stage in the conversion cycle and tailored calls to action are implemented.

It’s also valuable if your site targets audience groups beyond just consumers in a bid to optimise your audience. For example, provides relevant information for brand ambassadors, employment seekers, staff, investors and advertisers to name a few:

Personalisation by geo-location, sex, past preferences/purchases and life event can also greatly increase conversion rates, interaction and engagement (for example, dwell time).

View Mike’s full ‘Understanding your audience in the digital world’ slide deck.


Offer your audience a sequential multiscreen experience

Consumers move between multiple devices to accomplish their goals – whether that be searching, shopping, emailing or managing an online account on their tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone and TV. Criteo predict that by 2017, there will be five devices for every internet user.

It’s vital that your business keeps your audience engaged by offering a sequential experience and message across multiple screens. For example, users should be able to save their progress between different devices so they can pick up where they left off on their last screen. The ability to save shopping carts, signed-in experiences and email progress to one’s self (such as an online quote) can achieve this.

 View Criteo's full 'Future of Performance marketing' slide deck


Users are converting on mobiles and tablets

33% of ecommerce sales in Australia on a Saturday are from mobile devices, according to Criteo. Charlie and Steve explained how Cross Device can better understand your audience behaviour and makes cross-device tracking and relevant advertising a reality. That way, marketers can seamlessly deliver a consistent message across all consumer touch points to catch all users and improve conversions.

Both presentations were commended by the attendees – check out what AxiCorp Financial Services’ Marc Elison thought below.

“I was impressed by the insight that was delivered. The future of mobile, cross device marketing and understanding your online audience is definitely something businesses must continuously stay on top of if they want to be successful.” – Marc Elison, AxiCorp Financial Services’ Chief Marketing Officer


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