Top 10 Tools for Google+

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Recommended Users is a tool which does exactly what it says on the tin:  it recommends users for you to add to your G+ circles based on the quality of their content and their level of influence within a certain niche.

The list of topics you can choose from ranges from celebrities and designers, to scientists and tech entrepreneurs.

Google plus recommended users

G+ Photo Editing Suite

Google Plus offers one of the best photo editing tools you can get online. Including all the usual features you would expect to see from a basic photo editing kit such as tuning, cropping and selective adjustment, it also incorporates additional features such as creative filters and detail enhancement.

One of the most useful aspects is auto-enhance mode which fine-tunes photos automatically – great whenever you are short of time.

Google plus photo editing

G+ Me Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension helps the user to manage their Google+ streams, in order to “process a large stream of incoming posts and comments to unlock the potential of its real-time updates.”

The extension allows you to keep your notification status visible at all times, collapse the Google+ stream while maintaining a real-time count on comments and mark comments as read, and offers a host of keyboard shortcut features too.

Google plus chrome extension


Friends+Me is a service which auto-posts content from your G+ profile to your other social platform accounts. This is useful if you tend to use Google+ as your primary network and want to save time updating Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Public posts on Google+ can be posted to multiple Facebook pages, groups and profiles. Conveniently, the tool works on any device.

Google plus friends plus me share anywhere


CircleCount is a tool which helps you explore Google+ and find circles, communities and popular pages. CircleCount – as the name suggests – also counts the number of circles in which you are included and uses this metric to represent the number of people following your posts.

As well as measuring influence, there are interesting extras such as a ‘World Map’ of influential Google+ users, a Top 10 Communities’ History graph, and real-time ‘Cream of the Crop’ recommendations for interesting users.

Google Plus circle count

All My +

All My + shows data for your Google+ activity, filterable by date or activity-type. The statistics include number of posts, re-shares, +1s and comments, as well as locations and popular posts.

This data is visualised into graph form, which is great for easy digestion of information and for generating reports quickly.

Google plus all my plus

Social Statistics is a service dedicated to providing Google+ statistics. It tracks Google+ users giving data on current popular posts, top Google+ users and most influential users by keyword.

You can also track your own Google+ stats by signing in – this gives you access to useful data about your posts, sortable by most +1s, comments or shares.

Google Plus statistics

My Google+ History

Quirky but cool, this tool displays the most popular posts on Google+, in the form of a gallery. The app can help you to see patterns in the types of content which gain the most traction at a glance.

To use the tool, just enter your Google+ ID to the end of the URL after the equal sign.

Google Plus history


FindPeopleonPlus is a directory for finding influential users on Google+ and is great for building up your circles and finding people with shared interests to network with. Searches can be made by country, profession, employer, occupation and even by school.

Find People On Plus


PlusClout – a sister site of FindPeopleonPlus – is designed to help users target key Google+ influencers. The service assigns all users an influence score between 0 and 100, based on a formula which the tool describes as “evolving [and] based upon factors including number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing”.


What tools do you use for managing Google+? Are there any others you think deserve a place on this list? Let us know your thoughts.