The Future of Google: A Twitter Conversation

Twitter is good for a lot of things, including sharing information and links, listening to the thoughts and announcement of people you respect, and as an organic, user-driven source of breaking news. But one of the best things that happens on Twitter are the discussions and conversations which spontaneously take place within a community.

Below is one that happened this morning amongst a few UK SEOs on Twitter, mainly Sarah Goodwin, Rishi Lakhani, Pete Wailes and myself. It captures, I think, a lot of issues that SEOs are thinking about Google today, particularly in the light of the continuing problems with UK search results (#ukserps) which have been serving badly geo-targeted search results to Googlers in the UK and other non-US English speaking locations since April this year. It all started with Sarah tweeting the following, talking about how after reading Dave Naylor's latest post on UK SERPs, it seems like Google is doing this deliberately to force people to use the "Pages from the UK" radio button:


That single word "thoughts?" led to a pretty interesting discussion of what Google is up to and whether they could ever be knocked off the top spot in Search. I could try summarising the conversation into a 'traditional' blog post but not only would that take ages, I also kind of like the idea of just showing the tweets themselves. So with the help of a great tool called TweetPaste, which allows you to embed tweets on a webpage, I've reproduced the whole conversation below. I think the discussion speaks for itself. Feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below!

[tweet id=5195907975 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196142223 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196147727 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196313211 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196323630 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196365503 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196374260 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196420045 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196442726 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196497011 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196420116 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196443514 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196454535 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196475753 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196488240 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196497563 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196518760 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196525285 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196537570 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196541252 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196566172 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196572716 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196595232 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196595655 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196602893 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196614688 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196621441 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196622721 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196642410 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196658982 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196661031 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196697003 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196704258 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196682308 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196683119 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196685202 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196647314 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196694112 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196709046 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196710239 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196714338 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196717904 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196727409 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196793334 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196833164 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196861869 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196714467 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196730010 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196779494 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196787109 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196826076 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196892446 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196897361 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5196870017 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197017307 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197025006 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197032643 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197033328 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197043708 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197047397 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197054818 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197057197 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197071135 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197080792 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197090434 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197050521 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197107616 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197112380 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197119142 iframe_height=210]

[tweet id=5197143463]

[tweet id=5197184610 iframe_height=210]


Wow... congratulations on reading this far! Well hopefully that has fired up some thoughts in your brain - so please do leave them in the comments below (your thoughts that is, not your brain).

A final Twitter tip to leave you with: if as a business or a brand you've decided to get involved with twitter, don't simply use it to broadcast messages and links, ignoring the discussion and conversation side of it. In my opinion that's the most important part.