Preventing link timeouts on your site to improve page saturation

Page saturation is one aspect that will affect your sites organic key phase positions. If your page is not indexed within the search engines, you could be missing out on vital search positions. The more pages your site has indexed within search engines the better the chances that your key phrases will be listed higher. Therefore search engine saturation is considered an important factor for improving key phrase positions.

Your site may contain a large number of pages, however not all of the pages are indexed. There can be number of reason to why not all of your sites pages are indexed within the search engines, but the point that I will be identifying is the speed at which it takes the search engines spiders to navigate the links throughout your websites.

One way to improve the number of pages that are indexed within the search engines is to increase the number of internal links throughout your site to the deeper pages. This will enable the spiders to find all of your pages much quicker and easily: thus increasing the chances of your pages being indexed.

However, I believed this to be the case up until recently when trying to improve page saturation on one of my clients site (Aerco) within Google. I had tried a number of ways to increase the page saturation, such as increasing internal links to deeper pages (for example Z22675A), adding fresh content to the on the deeper pages and also increasing the number of pages. While this had an effect on the number of pages indexed throughout the site, it did not maintain the page saturation over a longer period.

I decided to run a Xenu (free application) and after doing so found that many of the links on the pages throughout the site timeout. As it turned out these links were dynamic and for the use of the client not the spider. Due to the large number of unnecessary dynamic pages the spider was cycling through, other more important internal links were timing out. I removed the dynamic links to these pages and after running Xenu again, I was not surprised to find discover that the number of links that were timeout, were reduced to 0.

By doing this, the spider is able to find the pages that I needed indexed quickly and easily. By doing this I discovered that search engine spiders will be occupied trying to download pages numerous pages and is more likely to turn its attention elsewhere when other pages timeout.

In order to improve your page saturation keep your links clean and do not link to unnecessary pages that will cause more relevant links to timeout.