Why Fresh Egg's partnered with new UX and conversion optimisation tool, PageSense

Written by Duncan Heath - 23 Aug 2019

Go back ten years or so and the tech landscape navigated by UX and conversion optimisation practitioners looked very different. Stable user research tools were as rare as unicorn teeth, split testing tools were largely the privilege of only those lucky companies able to build their own, and personalisation was something you did to mugs.

Then a big bang…a boom…suddenly there were hundreds of tools claiming to tell you everything you needed to know about your website visitors:

Crazy Egg, Clicktale, Hotjar, Optimizely, Lucky Orange, Usabilla, Inspectlet, VWO, Userzoom, Fullstory

The list goes on…and on!

For the most part this availaility of great tools has been a godsend, and has certainly helped progress user-centric marketing. But, with so many tools doing so many of the same (and different) things, there are challenges:

If you want a full suite of research tools this often means buying multiple products, with separate contracts, billing, security reviews, GDPR considerations etc. The tools sometimes conflict and they very rarely integrate, leaving you with even more data silos.

When Fresh Egg was first introduced to PageSense we duly donned our sceptical hats, ready to assess just another offering amongst the noise. We were pleasantly surprised. We found that PageSense offers something significantly different which is challenging the market and critically getting more companies researching their audiences and testing their assumptions.

There are a great many things PageSense does right. Top of the list for Fresh Egg are:

  • Massive suite of tools under one roof. Install one snippet and you can start collecting huge amounts of varied user data which generate impactful insights. Everything from session recordings and site surveys to split testing and personalisation is built in.

  • Tools that integrate with each other. Want to see the session recording of someone who left a disgruntled site survey response? Or see the heatmaps for your winning test variation? The tools within PageSense play nicely with each other out of the box.

  • Heavily segmentable data. All the PageSense tools allow you to segment raw data to a level rarely seen amongst other platforms on the market. For example, if you want to see heatmaps for new users who visited on weekends, in the UK, via a paid campaign, on a mobile iOS device…then you can do this in seconds.

  • Incredibly affordable. The pricing is very transparent and will have you questioning how they can possibly be offering what they do for the price. There’s no annual contract tying you in either. This opens up user research and testing to many more companies, which can only be a good thing in our opinion.

It’s worth pointing out that PageSense is not going to be the right platform for every business in every situation. Specialist research tools most certainly still have a place and different businesses have different needs from their split testing and personalisation tools.

However, PageSense offers a pretty comprehensive solution, especially for small to medium size businesses.

If you have any questions about user research, optimisation and selecting the right tool for the job, please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly team by calling 01903 285900. You can also sign up to our fortnightly newsletter, Fresh Thinking, to get notified on all the latest from our team.