Empowering your team in CRO

Want to run your own CRO strategy? We can help you empower your team and build a culture of experimentation in your organisation.

Help me empower my team

We partner with clients to help them achieve their potential

We regularly work to upskill client teams - often working alongside them on site to help them take control of their optimisation strategy and test implementation. We’ve empowered some great brands over the past decade and have a great record of training internal teams to help them reach their potential in CRO.

Empowering Vodafone Australia

We worked with Vodafone Australia over a two-year transformation project to upskill their in-house teams to empower them and help them achieve the most from their day-to-day digital activity.

Fresh Egg carried out an extensive conversion optimisation discovery and subsequent ongoing experiments. This involved supporting us with testing as well as carrying out an on-site training programme. This has led to a big increase in the scope and scale of testing that Vodafone can now confidently run and has helped introduce a best-in-class testing culture across the business.

Rookaya Fernandez, digital operations manager at Vodafone Australia

Other clients we've empowered in CRO

Empowering your team can help you:

We'll tailor our training programs to your needs to ensure your team receive relevant upskilling in practical areas of CRO practice, filling in knowledge or technical gaps.

Types of training support

We can embed a Fresh Egg consultant to work alongside your team and we offer bespoke training solutions.

Our training sessions can help your team add new skills and benefit from our trainer's expertise and experience. We tailor our programs to client needs to ensure relevant upskilling in practical areas of CRO as well as UX, analysis and insight techniques.

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