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To provide award-winning CRO services Fresh Egg partners with the best tools on the market.  

Our CRO technology partners


Fresh Egg partners with Monetate, who are the leader in omnichannel personalisation software for consumer-facing brands. The Monetate personalisation platform enables marketers to deliver unique, compelling experiences that surprise and delight customers while increasing engagement and lifetime value.


Fresh Egg is a Developer Certified 3-Star Solutions and Platform Certified Partner of Optimizely. the world’s leading customer experience optimisation platform. This enables us to deliver the best level of website optimisation with the highest degree of expertise, using industry leading tools for maximum insight and success.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an all-inclusive platform for conversion rate optimisation, personalisation, customer activation, and testing. We serve as your digital lab, equipped with all the tools you need to create quick experiments that will allow you to better understand your users and make informed decisions.

Google Optimize

By running experiments in Google Optimize, you can test new website designs, layouts and content with a subset of your visitors. Instead of relying on instinct and opinion to determine the best page or site design, you can run an experiment that tests alternate designs with real-world users and get results that are simple to read and understand.


Bunting builds smart web tools that help you create better ecommerce experiences, build stronger relationships, and make more sales. We believe that the more human you are online, the more people trust you.


In terms of our marketplace, SessionCam is now one of the oldest and most mature solutions available which means we are one of the world’s most experienced vendors. Customer struggle kills website conversion and destroys user experience. Use SessionCam to understand your visitors and the problems they experience like never before.

Download our personalisation tools comparison guide

Download our FREE in-depth personalisation tool comparison guide. With hundreds of personalisation tools vying for your precious marketing budgets, it can be hard knowing which one to choose. It’s a good job then, that we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this handy comparison guide of the best on the market. Optimizely vs Qubit, Rich Relevance vs Aptus, Monetate vs VWO – we've sampled them all, compared side-by-side, and identified their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one's right for you.

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Make your website work smarter and turn more visitors into paying customers.

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Personalisation is a key ingredient in successful customer experience. Tickle the taste buds and deliver a dish that keeps them all coming back for a second helping.

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User testing

Getting to know your users is an essential step in creating a successful experience on any website. Bespoke user testing tells you who your users really are.

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