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With growth in the charity sector struggling to resume post-pandemic, online donation optimisation is an essential strategy for any charitable organisation.

According to the leading market research company IBISWorld, UK charities lost 40% of their income during lockdowns. As a result, the Charity Commission reports that half of UK charities have had to use digital technology better.

We can help you eliminate the pain points in the online donor journey, enhance the ‘warm glow’ moments and optimise the conversion rate on your donation page.

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Improve donor interactions

Before users get to your donation page, they have to be guided through Google search results pages or the campaign-led paths to your website. Our SEO experts and user researchers can ensure this journey is as smooth and speedy as possible.

Increase donation frequency

Clearing your donation page of distractions and offering a clear set of donation prompts can help make giving easy and emotionally satisfying. Our UX designers and CRO experts can help you gauge the impact of varying page designs.

Drive long-term donations

Impact reporting, thank you messages and judicious campaign updates can help transform one-off donors into recurring donors. Our digital strategists and content experts can show you how to optimise the donor relationship online.

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Donation funnel optimisation helps...

Enhance brand trust

Once a donor is confident their money is going to a good cause, they are more likely to keep on giving. Get help presenting your case.

Cut operational costs

Getting the most out of your donation platform requires a knowledge of software features and payment methods. Tap our expertise.

Our digital expert, Charlotte says

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Choosing the right donation platform for your charity is no easy task. What’s best for an efficient implementation might not necessarily be the best complete package. Here at Fresh Egg, we want to share the value of our digital experience with the charity sector. That’s why we’ve put together a guide which reviews seven donation platforms, from the big players to the lesser-known providers. It will help you to compare usability, technical features and pricing structures.

Charlotte Parker, User Research & CRO Strategist

Donation platform comparison

Download our donation platform comparison guide

There are a wide range of platforms on the fundraising market, each of which offers its own set of  technical features at a different price. We chose seven platforms to review.  We spoke to the specialists, trialled the tools and did the user research. The pros and cons of each platform are specified in the guide.

Donation page optimisation in four steps


View our guide to donation funnel optimisation

Optimisation elements

  1. We conduct one-on-one interviews and tests with your donors. The findings generate insights into what motivates them to give.
  2. We help you select and run a platform which integrates front-end marketing with payment options and backend campaign management.

Our digital expert, Sarah says

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Does your charity encourage charitable giving through fundraising events? Do you tie your charity’s marketing activities to yearly events such as Giving Tuesday? If so, you might want to direct your website’s donation journey through multiple landing pages, each of which is tailored to a specific event. From an operations perspective, this makes it easy to track the relative success of events. It should also lead to better donation strategies.

Sarah Simpson, Senior Experience Designer 

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