Welcome Charlotte, our Brilliant New User Research & CRO Strategist

Written by Lee Colbran - 1 Mar 2022

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We caught up with Charlotte Parker, who joins our CRO team in User Research & CRO Strategist role. We asked Charlotte about her career to date, her vision, and what both colleagues and clients can expect...

Essentially, I think you need a relentless curiosity about humans and the world around us. That and the ability to stay calm and composed when things don’t go how you’d imagined after hours of meticulous planning!

Charlotte Parker, User Research and CRO Strategist

Firstly, welcome Charlotte; describe your career path to date and what made you get into the world of User Research?

My career started with a degree in Biochemistry, which led to me working in a laboratory at a big pharma company. I soon moved into more process-improvement-focused roles, eventually becoming an accredited senior auditor. The role often involved a mix of planning, data analysis, conducting interviews, running workshops and presenting to stakeholders (note the similarities with User Research!).

I loved auditing but wanted to utilise my skills in a creative and people-focused way for a more varied and fast-paced industry.

Enter User Research. Last year I took some time out to study full-time for a UX Design diploma and move into the world of Digital - best decision I’ve made in a long time!

What made you choose Fresh Egg as the next step in your career path?

I wanted the opportunity to join a company with values that matched my own. The company ethos, the lovely people I spoke to throughout the recruitment process and the exciting variety of clients across different sectors made Fresh Egg the place to be.

What do you think makes a brilliant user researcher?

Essentially, I think you need a relentless curiosity about humans and the world around us. That and the ability to stay calm and composed when things don’t go how you’d imagined after hours of meticulous planning! 


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What intrigues you most about user research?

Again, humans. The way people do things and why is fascinating.

What would you say to anyone with aspirations in starting this career?

Get yourself out there! Join online groups go to meet-ups and events. Everyone I’ve met who works in user research or user experience has been passionate about what they do and genuinely keen to share their invaluable knowledge.

How do you think user research complements Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Simple, it allows us to make informed decisions on CRO strategy based on wants and needs from real users.

Tell us about a brand you think understands their audience?

Dice. Possibly a bit of a biased answer, but I’m a big gig-goer, and the Dice app completely changed the game. It shows almost all of the gigs in your area, allows you to join a ‘waitlist’ for sold out tickets, allows people to trade gig tickets at face value (no more touts!), and gives personalised recommendations based on the music you’ve been listening to. They definitely know their audience. They’re not sponsoring this answer, I promise :).

What blogs/people do you follow to keep up to date with developments in the industry?

Being relatively new to the industry, this is one I’m still working on - I’m just constantly on Medium reading articles. I’ve also been to some local UX events (there are monthly meet-ups in Brighton), which are excellent.

Would you like to join Charlotte at Fresh Egg?

You can only use one tool to do your job. What is it, and why?

I am going rogue with an old school one – Post-it notes, physical or electronic. Essential!

If you could use only one website (or app), what would it be, and why?

Spotify! Wire it into my brain.

What are you most looking forward to working at Fresh Egg?

Being able to make a tangible difference. Contributing to a wide variety of projects. Working alongside such a great bunch!

What do your friends and family think you do for a job?

My friends have a pretty good idea because I haven’t stopped talking about it for the last few months, but my family would probably go with something vague like “she watches how people use the internet and then figures out how to make it better”.

Finally, what is your favourite way to eat an egg (if there is one)?

I don’t eat eggs, but I do make a smashing (😉) tofu scramble!

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