What we do

At Fresh Egg we provide digital marketing that’s driven by customer experience. Everything we do starts with understanding your audiences and improving their journeys.

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A customer first approach

We recognise that the most important thing in marketing is people and their experience with your brand. From first date territory to long term loyalty when you’ve known each other for years, it’s the journey together that matters.

No matter what you do, successful digital marketing depends on how well you meet your customers’ needs at precisely the right moments in their journey. That’s where our award-winning approach to customer experience (CX) discovery comes in – an approach that permeates everything we do, defining how we work and driving the services we provide. We uncover what you need to do to help your customers throughout their journey and then provide the digital marketing services and strategic support to help you do it.

The best way to help you is to help your customers – so starting with them first means we get it right every time.

The 10 stages of customer experience

At the heart of our approach you’ll find the 10 stages of customer experience.

These are the stops your customer will make on their journey to long-term loyalty with your brand - from first becoming aware of you to when they feel like they’ve known you for years and are one of your most valued advocates. Breaking down their experiences into these 10 stages puts us in your customers’ shoes to understand what they’re trying to do, what they’re looking for and how they are feeling. We uncover 'moments of truth' – points in the journey where they are faced with moments of despair or delight and identify the fixes to help you transform their experience. Click on any the 10 stages below to learn how we define them.