Development of a conversion focused microsite

We designed and developed a three-page microsite that enabled Emerald Works to promote their new MindTools for Business brand.

Client: Emerald Works (MindTools for Business)
Sector: Education
Services: Web development 

Our brief was to design and develop a microsite that would enable Emerald Works to promote their new MindTools for Business brand. The new microsite would highlight the benefits of the new product offering and drive engagement and conversions ahead of its eventual home alongside the current MindTools (Consumer) brand at

The challenge

Emerald Works needed the first appearance of their new MindTools for Business to exist within their current domain.

Our goal was to design and develop a microsite that would drive conversion and increase engagement with the business user based on Emerald Works and MindTools Consumer.

The objectives of the brief were:

  • To serve as a landing page for all related digital marketing campaigns
  • To provide a direct link from the existing MindTools (Consumer) website
  • To highlight the benefits of their three business products and services
  • To not to be seen on the Emerald Works site and mislead current users
  • To not to be found organically or indexed for search engine purposes
  • To be developed for a NY launch to support 2021 marketing activities
  • To efficiently repurpose Emerald Works components where possible

Originally the site design was to be led in-house by Emerald Works. However, for the microsite creative to complement both the existing Emerald Works site design and the upcoming redesign work on the MindTools Consumer site (both led by Fresh Egg), we took on the microsite build to maintain consistency.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone in your team for delivering the Mind Tools for Business microsite. The team provided a different brand proposition and a new microsite in under five weeks - this is testament to the team's skills, focus and drive.

I know everyone worked hard on the project, and the results are there for all to see on screen. Special praise for Nathan because the microsite design was not part of the original project brief, was a very late addition. A big well done, and thanks to you all. Much appreciated, and I am looking forward to delivering the next thing.

Rob Bell, Marketing Manager - Optimisation, Mindtools for Business

Our solution

We designed and developed a three-page microsite that presented each of the solutions Emerald Works had to offer their business users; On-Demand, Custom Learning and Ready-to-Use. Each solution's page detailing the application, key benefits, an informative video, and an easy-to-use form to either book a demo or arrange a call with a MindTools for Business team member.

Headshot of Nathan Kinhstone

The new microsite design provided a solid base of components for the Emerald Works marketing team to work with, making sure the new brand and solutions were showcased to existing users and potential leads. We were also able to use this microsite to establish a design direction and cues which could be taken forward and developed during the upcoming Mind Tools for Business complete website redesign project.

Nathan Kingstone Visual designer

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The outcome

In January 2021, we launched the new three-page MindTools for Business microsite;

  • The microsite included:
    • A page for each of their three business education product/services;
    • On-Demand
    • Custom Learning
    • Ready-to-Use
  • A new redesigned and optimised 'Book your demo/meeting' form.

We built Emerald Works an online presence to promote their new MindTools for Business brand that will introduce their existing user base to the new entity and capture any corporate education lead opportunities from MindTools (Consumer) division. The microsite also serves as a blueprint for further redevelopment of with the new MindTools for Business brand set to replace the existing Emerald Works design.

Headshot of Kirsty Parker

We were excited and happy to be engaged on this first appearance of the new MindTools for Business brand. We worked closely with the Emerald Works team to design and develop a microsite that would provide them with a set of conversion-driven landing pages for promoting the new brand to the existing business user base across and

The Emerald Works team were eagerly involved with us throughout the project, which meant we could collaboratively deliver a microsite that met the challenges of the given brief. We were delighted to hear that the microsite had been positively received at Emerald Works and has set the standard for future developments of the MindTools for Business brand.

Kirsty Parker, Account director
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