Web build and team placement

We placed and managed a specialist contractor project team to support the in-house team and complete a challenging website rebuild.


Client: Tropical Sky
Services: Recruitment, project managementweb development

We partnered with luxury holiday specialists Tropical Sky to complete a challenging website rebuild project that they had been struggling to complete, due to being time poor and lacking the required development resource.

Taking a hybrid approach to in-housing, we provided technical leadership and project management, and recruited and oversaw two contract developers working from our offices.

The challenge

When we came onboard, the workstream to deliver the brand new website was two years behind schedule and there was no one consistently dedicated to building it. Recruiting and retaining development talent is difficult, and Tropical Sky had so far been unable to secure the people it needed to finish the project.

The stop-start nature of the build meant that members of the marketing team were pulled in and out of the project. This was stretching team resources, which were already at their limit, even further.

The website and eight localised sub-websites are essential to delivering bookings, so overcoming the blockers the client was facing was crucial to help the company meet its sales targets.

Following a situation analysis, including stakeholder interviews and workshops, our objectives were to:

  • Become the technical lead for the website development and creating a comprehensive project plan
  • Recruit and retain quality contract web developers to finish the website from our offices
  • Manage the rebuild to deliver it to Tropical Sky’s specifications within an agreed timeframe and on brief
  • Introduce an online payments solution to replace the telephone booking process which was in possible breach of GDPR

“We brought Fresh Egg in at a crucial time for us, as we urgently needed to launch our new websites successfully to reach our targets. It was key to have a partner who could understand the technical scope of the project, find contractor resource to build new functionality within the platform and technically lead the website redevelopment through to launch."

Mike Collins, managing director at Tropical Sky

Our solution

In partnership with Tropical Sky, we kick-started the website rebuild within a week of receiving the brief. Our head of recruitment sourced and hired contracted Microsoft .NET backend web developers from our pre-verified talent pool in less than seven days, and two days later they were writing code.

The two contractors were based at our offices and overseen by a project manager and one of our senior web developers, who had worked with Tropical Sky previously. We managed the website rebuild project while keeping costs down for the client, by charging them contractor day rates instead of our agency day rates.

We adopted a mobile-first approach to create a fully responsive platform, and we have included more detailed cruise information on the new website.

We built an online payment solution to allow customers to book holidays through the digital platform. Agents can send a link to a payment portal to customers over the phone.

“Fresh Egg made working on this project a seamless experience for me, from validating the web build requirements against my programming skills, through to technically leading and project managing the build. I was supported from day one, enabling me to get up and running really quickly and the team was always available to provide any technical guidance I needed.”

Sree Polasa, contract developer

The outcome

We were able to complete the project milestones on brief within the agreed timeframes, and sometimes ahead of schedule.

In October 2019, we launched the main website tropicalsky.co.uk and eight sub-websites, including tropicalsky.ie, tropicalsky.com, www.americansky.co.ukwww.canadiansky.co.uk and www.newzealandsky.co.uk.

New website features include:

  • A refreshed, responsive design
  • Upgraded imagery
  • Improved user journeys

As a result of the of the support, Tropical Sky has launched all key websites to schedule.

Post-launch, we have continued to manage contractor resource, recruiting an ASP.NET developer to support Tropical Sky with further projects.

"Working with internal and contractor resources alongside a client team could have impacted progress. But with a process of clear ownership and running in an agile fashion, the teams integrated well with great communication and collaboration. The client relationship has grown from strength to strength as the quality, speed and confidence in our work has been proven consistently throughout the lifecycle of the initial project and beyond."

Karl Twort, senior project manager at Fresh Egg
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