Will Google Ads AI take ROI to new heights?

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Are you ready to embrace Google Ads AI in a more meaningful way? The recent Google Marketing Live event revealed some fascinating enhancements coming to the Google Ads platform over the coming months, and it will shake up the paid advertising world.

If you use Google Ads, what can you expect to see?

If you’ve not seen the news, the world of Google Ads is focusing its attention on these three themes:

Connection, Creative and Confidence

What does this mean?

The new elements coming to Google Ads will help marketers connect with new (and existing) customers through new creative features and help instil confidence in customer confidentiality, another current hot topic in the marketing space.

The new features will be available soon. Read on and discover how these changes will impact marketers in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Connecting with audiences

Engaging customers with video views and demand gen campaigns

Google AI tech will make it easier than ever for advertisers to connect and find audiences. This will be achieved in two primary ways.

  • Video view campaigns – combines all video ad formats and allow users to maximise results. It will be charged on a cost-per-view basis. The new feature simplifies the process of getting a video pushed out to your target audience by allowing users to create one video with Google and then tailoring the format to fit the placements across the Google networks.

  • Demand gen campaigns - allows advertisers to target their audience on their most visually engaging platforms, YouTube, Gmail and Discover. It will use AI-generated lookalike audiences and tailored audience segments to measure conversions and show the performance impact of brand uplift and recall.

What this means...

  • Increased visual emphasis for advertisers
  • Introduction of new video campaigns for streamlined and tailored video placements
  • Demand generation campaigns for visual-focused advertising
  • Use of AI to target new audiences and measure campaign impact

Connecting customers with new, search generative audiences

What's coming down the line will take search to a new level. Get ready - it's an entirely different experience.

What this means...

  • Google's new feature will use machine learning to give users more tailored search results based on the user's journey.
  • When users click on the topics below the answer, the search takes them to the new conversational mode, where they can ask Google more about the topic and discover more about the subject.
  • The context will move from each question, naturally continuing the user's search.

Creative freedom powered by Google AI

Marketers will be able to create more in less time with new powerful AI features aiding creative output with two key innovations.

Google PMax adds generative AI to create assets

  • Google’s newest campaign type will offer a more automated experience with Google AI fed into the campaign setup process.
  • Advertisers will now be able to give AI text prompts to create custom assets in real time for their PMax campaigns.

New PMax campaign

Campaign creation using conversational AI

  • Marketers will can now build campaigns in Google Ads with the help of the AI chat box function directly in the interface.
  • A real-time walk-through campaign building will be a game changer for new advertisers or beginners to PPC and allow users to create and enable campaigns quickly and effectively.

What this means...

  • AI-driven campaign creation with real-time suggestions for assets and messaging
  • Conversational search experience, enabling users to explore topics through prompts
  • AI-powered campaign building for smaller businesses and a more straightforward campaign creation process potentially increase competition
  • Collaboration between marketers and AI to optimise campaign messaging

Confidence in advertisers

Privacy concerns are driving changes in customer behaviours

Marketers must consider privacy rights with Google data and highlight how important this is to advertisers. Targeting the right consumer is crucial in maintaining strong levels of consumer confidence, and two new features will help advertisers enhance targeting options.

Headshot of Fiona Smithson

Google data shows 49% of people would switch brands for a better privacy experience. If you are not looking after this vital aspect of customer concern, you are likely to see a user exodus.

Fiona Smithson, Head of Paid Media 

Google Analytics 4 audience builder

The new feature allows advertisers to build new audiences from Google Analytics right in their Google Ads account.

Google Analytics 4 Audience Builder

What this means...

  • It uses AI to build predictive audiences, which Google says will help advertisers reach people more likely to purchase
  • The new feature seamlessly connects audiences to the Google Ads account and opens more audience target options across Google Ads.

Performance Max improved search term insights

Advertisers have long requested more transparency on how Performance Max campaigns drive results.

What this means...

  • Will give greater visibility on performance results with an improved search insights report
  • New insights will allow marketers to see how PMax responds to changes allowing marketers to refine customer campaigns further.

Don't take our word for it

Here's how Google lets you create campaigns using conversational AI

In conclusion

What does this mean, how will it impact paid media specialists and teams?

As with all innovations, there are pros and cons, and the announcements by Google are no different. Here’s our final word on how the changes will affect marketers.

  1. It’s a game-changer for smaller time-poor teams; you’ll be able to do more
  2. It could lead to increased competition and opportunities for smaller businesses
  3. It’s possible the tech will lead to a lack of brand clarity/disjointed messages
  4. It will lead to quicker creative turnaround and the need to keep assets fresh
  5. The updates highlight the Importance of high-quality creative and the need for continuous testing and adaptation
  6. Excitement and anticipation for the upcoming features and their impact on digital advertising

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