An Introduction to UX design training video

Watch our UX design training session with Stephen Carpenter and Luke Hay.

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The world of UX can be confusing and open to interpretation. Our training course is ideal for anyone looking to get a clear view of an achievable and practical UX design process.

Training conducted by:
Stephen Carpenter: Head of Design
Luke Hay: User Research Director

Course duration:
2hr 15 min

Course summary:

An introduction to UX with a focus on User Centred Design

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to understand the principles of a typical UX design process, focusing on placing user needs at the heart of your products and services. We will cover an end-to-end design process to help you understand how you can drive solutions forward through insight and understanding. The process will also demonstrate the tools, team and skills required to deliver successful UX design projects.

It will be run in two parts with a short break between them and finish with a valuable Q&A session.

What attendees will learn:

  • What is UX design – Introducing the process steps, typical team and skills required.
  • Results - What you can achieve with UX design.
  • Discovery – Understanding the problem space, business objectives and user needs.
  • Define – Iteratively design solutions with a team of experts (Not just designers).
  • Design – Designing for scale, consistency, and the future.
  • Delivery – Design doesn’t stop at the development stage.
  • Key takeaways and Q&A.


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