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Training courses for marketers planning to harness and utilise the power of AI.

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Our Generative AI training is tailored to your business

Our trainers have extensive experience working with AI, LLM and neural networks. They are familiar with the latest features and are on top of all the latest AI developments. What sets our training apart is that we ground it in the particular way you want to use AI while demonstrating the added benefits of the technology. You will leave our training session with actionable learnings which will equip you to get the most out of AI for your business.

Our training includes:

  • Four hours of training via Zoom/MS Teams or in-person
  • High-quality, tailored sessions for between 3-10 participants at a time
  • Bespoke training materials
  • A recording of the training, available for two years
  • Two weeks of follow-up support via email

Generative AI Essentials

Training course covering AI fundamentals

Course details

  • Training course covering fundamentals of Generative AI
  • Two 120-minute sessions

Session 1 - Fundamentals of Generative AI.


  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Generative AI and Marketing
  • AI Ethics and Considerations

What you'll gain

We'll start your journey with a brief overview of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the principles of Generative AI. You'll learn about the types of problems Generative AI can solve and its potential for businesses. You will see how Generative AI fits into the modern marketing environment and discover case studies showcasing how businesses are already taking advantage of these technologies. The session ends with an active discussion on the ethical considerations of using Generative AI while exploring potential biases, privacy implications, and the importance of transparent AI.

Session 2 - Practical Applications of Generative AI in Marketing.

  • AI Discovery in Marketing
  • Hands-on Workshop: AI Tools and Techniques
  • Coming-up with an AI Strategy

What you'll gain

You'll learn how to identify opportunities to integrate AI into marketing strategies while understanding the concept of 'moments of AI impact' and leveraging these in a marketing context. Attendees will also gain a practical introduction to using AI tools to generate content, analyse sentiment, and predict trends, and have the opportunity to explore real-world examples and scenarios. You'll leave with an understanding of implementing an AI strategy for your company while learning the steps necessary to adopt and manage AI in your marketing operations successfully.


1-5 delegates £1,950 +VAT
6-10 delegates £2,995 +VAT

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