Fresh Egg awarded Silver for best use of search at the 2018 DMA Awards 

Written by Adam Stafford - 5 Dec 2018

"In our eyes, a great campaign gets results.  We judge strategy, creativity and results with a fine-tooth comb.  That's what makes a DMA Award rewardingly hard to win."

Last night saw those at the top of their digital game come together to celebrate their highs of 2018. We were amongst some tough competition from over 60 agencies, who were all vying for a commendation from one of the DMA’s 34 categories. The shortlist of all nominated was announced in October…

So, we waited …

And today, I am so pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Silver for Best use of Search for our work with the NHS and the Good Thinking Service.

Fresh Egg is awarded silver at the 2018 DMA Awards.

To say that we are all exceptionally proud of this work is an understatement.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the mental health of Londoners by encouraging them to self-manage their wellbeing, enabling the NHS to:

  • Understand the different needs and wellness journeys of specific audience groups. Reach and engage people at key stages in their wellbeing journeys.
  • Position itself at the forefront of search results for popular search terms surrounding lack of sleep, anxiety, feeling low and stress.
  • Alleviate the pressure on the already stretched physical NHS resource by intervening early and empowering people to help themselves.

We applied our Customer Experience (CX) discovery, using a combination of empathy and CX journey mapping and COM-B behavioural analysis, that was then enriched with social listening and keyword research data to uncover real conversations, trends and patterns of behaviour. The research uncovered exactly what people were searching for and which websites they were finding at different stages of their journey.

If you haven’t already done so, you can download our whitepaper that lifts the lid on our methodology for this ground-breaking project.

"Good communications are relevant to good mental health and London CCGs and boroughs have come together with PHE to develop a digital means for people with concerns about, for example, sleep and anxiety to get access to trustworthy information, peer support and where necessary, access to services. This programme is called Good Thinking and uses data about online habits along with digital algorithms to direct Londoners using search terms such as “can’t sleep” to tailored support and advice. This is an excellent example of direct-to-consumer support using data and digital opportunities and London is to be congratulated."

Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, Public Health England