Fresh Egg is shortlisted in the 2023 Business Charity awards!

Written by Lee Colbran - 22 Mar 2023

We are excited to announce that our Driving 71.5% ROI for RSPCA through CRO maturity coaching project has been shortlisted for the ThirdSector Business Charity Awards 2023 in the category of Short-Term Partnership! This project represents a partnership between Fresh Egg and the RSPCA that sought to drive online revenue and increase donations for the charity.

Our CEO, Adam Stafford, expressed his delight at being shortlisted for this prestigious award, which saw a high number of entries with excellent quality. He noted that it is a testament to the achievements of our team over the past year.

ThirdSector Business Charity Awards

To achieve our objectives for this project, we worked closely with the RSPCA team to develop a CRO maturity coaching program tailored to their needs. We started by conducting a comprehensive audit of their website to identify critical areas for improvement. From there, we educated and trained their team on prioritising and testing different ideas to improve the user experience and increase conversions.

Throughout the project, we provided coaching on industry best practices and how to conduct end-to-end CRO experimentation. Our ambition was to leave the charity with a fully functional experimentation team on par with our agency team's skills, knowledge, and working practices.

The results of our project were outstanding. Our CRO experimentation drove a 71.5% ROI from the charity's digital channels, delivering a vital six-figure increase in revenue during a turbulent economic period. The iterative testing process also positively impacted donations, including increasing conversion rates and average donation value.

There were multiple positive impacts on donations through the iterative testing process, including:

  • +10.23% uplift in donation conversion
  • +14.4% rise in average donation value
  • +7.06% increase in one-off average donation value
  • +11.41% improvement in regular giving donation value
  • +5.85% uplift in mobile donation conversion
  • +9.09% increase in desktop regular

Through our coaching, the RSPCA team gained the required skills and knowledge to continue improving their website and digital channel performance. We are proud of our legacy and how we developed internal team knowledge to an agency standard in such a large organisation.

We concluded work on the project by handing complete control of conversion experimentation to the fully-trained team at the end of the project.


We delivered 71.5% ROI while coaching RSPCA to CRO maturity

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Our client representative says...

Headshot of Jon Eserin

Fresh Egg has driven some fantastic results and completely changed how we look at and understand CRO internally. This project has opened up so many exciting opportunities for the future. The results speak for themselves!

Jon Eserin, Assistant Director of Public Fundraising, RSPCA