We're speaking at #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day 2022

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User Researcher Charlotte Parker is speaking at Charity Digital's #BeMoreDigital Fundraising Day 2022 about How to set up effective user journeys.

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How to set up effective user journeys.

Join User Researcher Charlotte Parker as she shares how to set up effective user journeys.

This training webinar at #BeMoreDigital will teach you how to create, design and implement effective user journeys. Charlotte will give you insights into the importance of identifying and understanding user journeys; how to map journeys and identify new opportunities; how key charity motivations can be influencers in a user's journey; and how to prioritise, test and measure improvements.

Don't miss this talk to know how, when, and where your fundraisers connect with you and become better equipped to understand your fundraising successes and shortfalls. It will help you (or your team) understand the decisions your donor base makes as you develop your relationship with them and will get the team focused on fundraiser-centred practices and strategies.

Charlotte's talk will help in the following ways:

  • Gaps in knowledge and understanding of fundraisers
  • Inefficient user experience
  • Unclear direction for fundraising strategy
  • Low conversion or difficulty moving users along their fundraising journeys
  • Lack of monitoring or success measurement

Post-session, you'll know more about:

  • Effective ways to understand your users and map their journeys
  • How to optimise the user journey to address key charitable motivations
  • How to prioritise where to focus, implement changes with testing and measure their impact

Charlotte Parker

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Charlotte obtained a Professional Diploma in User Experience Design, subsequently bringing her passion for research and analytics to Fresh Egg as a User Research & CRO Strategist. Charlotte's work at Fresh Egg has included user research across various industries, including charity, publishing, education and insurance.

Join Charlotte on 15 November between 11:00 am and 11:30 am - REGISTER YOUR PLACE AT #BEMOREDIGITAL FOR FREE!