New Mobile Optimised Website Live for Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Written by Intern - 28 May 2012

Fresh Egg is proud to announce the launch of a newly designed and developed, fully mobile optimised, CMS driven website for Nationwide Vehicle Contracts (NVC).

If you hit the desktop site at on your mobile phone browser, you will be redirected to the new site.  Note that tablets such as the Apple iPad will remain directed at the desktop version of the website for greater usability.

For the projects team, the NVC mobile development has been a huge undertaking right from the initial mobile analysis report and wireframing process through to the UX workshop and final implementation and device testing.  A lot of new techniques and technology had to be learned during the course of this project, and we are extremely pleased with the final product, particularly as the site fared well in usability testing, successfully supporting users’ goals.

Our mobile analysis report showed clearly that a high proportion of users were already browsing and even placing orders via their mobiles on the NVC site.  The aim was to improve these users’ experience, facilitate users’ task completion and consequently decrease bounce rate and increase the converting traffic.

The site has been designed to target the mobile operating systems that have the largest number of users reported by Google Analytics on the NVC site which are iOS (89.4%) and Android (8.5%).  Windows Phone support was added as a bonus, whilst Blackberry v6.0+ and Palm Pre were proved as working but were not specifically targeted.  'Long tail' handsets were not targeted being restricted to legacy non-WebKit browsers.

Some highlights of the build:

  • Content is fully controlled via the desktop site CMS;
  • Fully HTML5 conformant front-end;
  • Built on the ASP.NET MVC 3.0 framework;
  • An ASP.NET WCF web service powers the quote system and uses SSL for sensitive data;
  • Several new techniques we used for minifying/bundling/compressing/caching for images and scripts to keep the site lightweight for mobile use;
  •  Implementation of Zepto lightweight JavaScript library, falling back to jQuery for IE mobile;
  • SEO optimised URL structure and MetadataDetailed Google Analytics event tracking.



With an increasing amount of website traffic coming from mobile devices we were keen to develop a mobile website. Having worked with Fresh Egg on other projects we approached them to provide a mobile analysis and scoping project. The project was thorough and covered all aspects of mobile technology concluding recommendations and solutions for our business. Once we had decided to proceed we were kept fully up to date throughout the build and all timescales were met which was very important to us. The designers and programmers did an excellent job with the site - it looked great, was easy to navigate and fast. After UX testing and configuring analytics so we could measure traffic, the mobile site was launched on budget and on time. Since launch we have seen a measurable increase in customer enquiries and conversions through mobile devices.

David Johnson, Director, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts.

Customer profile

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts was established in 2002 and is one of the UK's leading providers of car leasing and van leasing for new cars and vans to businesses and private individuals.  NVC has been a major Fresh Egg customer now for over six years, engaging in our Web Development, SEO and Insight services.