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Delivered in three phases, we provide organisations with an actionable audience-led strategy to accelerate marketing performance.

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We create digital marketing strategies and help implement the plan, immersing fully within the organisation's team. Applying an audience-led approach, we collaborate with our clients to provide an actionable digital marketing strategy to accelerate marketing performance.

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We are perfectly placed to help you develop and implement a digital marketing strategy for your organisation due to our vast experience of understanding the typical challenges our customers face and knowing how we can resolve these. Our ‘tried and tested’ methods, combined with years’ of hand-on marketing experience within the strategy team, guarantee that your strategy will not only be customised for your requirements, but will also deliver the results you need.

Adam Stafford, Co-founder

Split into three key phases, the end deliverable is a full and actionable digital marketing plan tailored to the capabilities and objectives of the organisation. Discover how we deliver our three-phased approach:

Phase one: Stakeholder immersion and audience identification

During the first phase, we carry out the following activities to validate the key challenges being faced by an organisation

  • Benchmark the skillset of current team members in relation to future requirements, goals and objectives
    • This is essential to set training and career progression objectives and motivate the team for the forthcoming strategy transformation
  • Opportunity spotting research
    • We hold interactive fact-finding workshops with key stakeholders to identify opportunities for improving fundraising, marketing etc.
    • Findings from stakeholder workshop sessions are combined with qualitative research
    • The team will establish competitor understanding, for example: Which competitors are performing well? Which of your competitors do you aspire to eclipse? Which case studies can be compared?
  • Digital marketing SWOT
  • Empathy mapping of key audiences
    • Utilising our popular approach to empathy mapping, the team gain an understanding of an organisations view of users which is then tested through in phase two with valuable audience research 

Phase two: Audience research and digital marketing audits

We get into the detail of understanding audience needs and any technical deficiencies, including:

  • Customer interviews leading to the creation customer experience journey maps
  • Creation of ‘moments of truth’ (the points which are impeding customers)
  • Understanding of key areas of pain for users across the customer journey and a plan for what needs to be done
  • Full capability audit of current digital marketing activity which can include any number of the following:
    • Social media, video and off-site review
    • Web properties
    • UX and content
    • Staffing and in-house expertise
    • CRM
    • Data reporting and analysis
    • Digital marketing platforms
    • Paid advertising
    • SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Martech capability and use

Phase three: Delivering the digital marketing strategy

Gathering all the insight from phases one and two, we deliver the completed digital strategy back to your team, ready for implementation

  • Actionable recommendations in line with key goals and objectives
  • Action on how an organisation can enhance engagement with key audience groups
  • Identification of new opportunities to expand reach in line with targets:
    • How to meet goals and objectives
    • Clear now, next, later actions with actionable realistic recommendations ready to be used by the team

We'll help you develop an effective digital marketing strategy

Reasons to partner with us for digital strategy

How we transform our clients' digital strategies

  • Inclusive, empowering process
  • An extensive familiarisation and discovery process with integration and understanding of an organisations unique traits and working methodologies
  • Transparency:
    • We provide a full line by line breakdown of what it takes to deliver the digital strategy
    • The project team will keep you informed of all activity throughout the journey towards the final strategy
  • Access to a wide network of experts:
    • While we have an excellent array of in-house expertise, we also know we are not experts in everything. Should the need arise, we have an extensive network of partners and experts that we call upon to give the right advice
Christians Against Poverty

Transforming Christians Against Poverty's digital marketing strategy

Learn how we helped debt-help charity Christians Against Poverty research, create and implement a three-year digital strategy.

"The thing that stands out to be with Fresh Egg is that it’s felt like having a partner join alongside, rather than a consultant. Where other consultants would have stopped and handed work over to us, if it was something they could do more easily, they did it. It speaks of the depth of care they have for us as clients and the passion they have for the work they do."

Dan Lane. Director of Fundraising and Marketing, CAP

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