Why people give

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In the white paper, you'll find insight on:

  • Imperfect altruism - we explain why people give and why it matters.
  • Charitable motivations - learn what makes donors care and the five levers of charity.
  • Social levers - discover how groups shape behaviour and why donors rely on social cues.
  • Mental accounting - see how donors think about money
  • The burden of proof - why you need to demonstrate what donors expect to see

Why people give


Meet the author

Written by Senior CRO & UX Strategist Stephen Courtney, this white paper takes a unique and interesting look at what makes people give to charities.

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Charities rarely get time to ask themselves, "what makes someone donate?" Not only is it a fascinating question, but the answers can make campaigns and website designs much more effective. This white paper shares insights gained through hundreds of A/B tests, years of audience research and countless published studies to help the good guys get their message across.

Stephen Courtney, Senior CRO & UX Strategist