Blowing our NPS Trumpet with our highest ever score of 84!

We're actually not the greatest at blowing our own trumpet, but there are times when you have to do it. So, after we collated our last NPS score in November, we felt it was time to dust off the brass, purse the lips, make some noise and share the news that we recorded our highest ever customer satisfaction score!

Without great people and great clients there is no Fresh Egg

While there are lots of reasons why we continue to excel as one of the UK's oldest established independent digital agencies, there are two key components that are crucial, these being:

  • The amazing people
  • Our fantastic clients

Without one, the other would not function. To have great clients, you need to have great people and vice versa. As a business, we are always looking to improve. Even after 20 years, we don't feel that we know everything or proclaim to get things right all of the time, although, with that last point, we always try to do our very best.

A big part of what we say to our clients is to understand audience needs. Of course, it is only right that we practice what we preach.

We typically run our client NPS survey twice a year to understand how we are doing in our clients' eyes.

It's time to blow our own trumpet! We've just recorded our highest ever NPS score of 84!

In what has been a hugely challenging year for everyone, it makes the feedback we received taste even sweeter. I can say that hand on heart, as the comments and scores were being sent back, it filled us with enormous pride. Before I come on to highlight some of the comments received, I think it is only right to say a massive thank you to everyone at Fresh Egg, who since the world changed back in March, and that lockdown started have simply risen to the challenges thrown at them. 

Headshot of Philippa Barnard

It is only right to say a massive thank you to everyone at Fresh Egg for adapting to full remote working and continuing to deliver an outstanding level of quality to our customers.

Philippa Barnard, Co-founder and operations director

For context, an average NPS score in the service sector is 50. For us to score 84 is actually a little humbling and puts us firmly in the top quartile of service companies.

What our clients have said...

We were blown away by some of the comments that we received in our recent NPS survey. Before I share some of the feedback, I think it is wise to share what drives us and our obsession to constantly surprise and delight.

Our mission is straightforward: to uncover customer challenges and transform them into digital success. This statement helps us set a high expectation level as we set about going above and beyond to deliver our success for our clients.

Some of the kind comments we received included:

I love that Fresh Egg is always willing to respond and jump into a conversation regardless of time and day. I Love working with Duncan, Callum, Graham, and all the team!

I've worked with quite a few SEO agencies in my career and Fresh Egg are the first ones that come across as genuine, smart and normal people.

We love working with Fresh Egg as they are not only a great cultural fit for us, but everyone in the team is super bright, incredibly responsive and a delight to work with.

Fresh egg are extremely easy to work with. They take a brief and come back with the exact solution required in the most time and cost-efficient way. Each person on their team is an expert in their field, which has made designing and implementing new sites, mergers of old sites and more a very easy task.

Fresh Egg has been great to work with, transparent, open and agile to the needs of the customer. There’s also an excellent blend of services from advisory through to coaching and outsourcing.

I must say a huge thank you to all of our customers that took part and sent their valuable feedback about the service we provide. Finally, massive congratulations and a bigger thank you to all of the team who every day exceed the expectations of our customers - which is an amazing feat in the middle of a pandemic.

Work with us and put us and our NPS score to the test

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