Digital Marketing Apprentices - What We've Learned So Far (Part 3)

Written by Intern - 16 Sep 2016

September marks the anniversary of Fresh Egg welcoming their second cohort of Apprentices. We have now finished our apprenticeship, where we have completed three rotations in different service areas offered by Fresh Egg.

Read on to discover how we have found our final four months.



Biddable media was my third and final rotation completing my year’s apprenticeship at Fresh Egg. There is no denying that I have learnt masses from my time in Biddable and it has been the complete opposite to my previous SEO rotation. After submerging myself within revision and taking the Google exams to earn individual certification, I was able to proactively assist the team in the everyday running of PPC campaigns.

Using tools such as SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner has allowed me to conduct research before implementing builds in AdWords Editor. Monitoring the accounts to ensure they are not over/under spending is critical, thus I have learnt how to use AdWords data to monitor budget and continually optimise the account, through the use of Search Query Reports.

With the support of the team, I quickly grasped all things PPC and I am leaving the department confident in my abilities and with eight more industry qualifications under my belt.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my mentors over the last year! I am unable to put into words how much knowledge and skills I have acquired.

My journey with Fresh Egg doesn’t end here however, in October I will be starting an exciting new role within the Marketing and Communications team, as a Marketing Assistant.



I started my rotation in Biddable Media on the 15th of May; eager to learn more about arguably the most effective and influential advertising engine the world has ever seen. After immersing ourselves in the AdWords interface and revising Google supplied revision material, the fundamental exams proved no match. In no time we were experiencing the brands that Fresh Egg work with on a regular basis, looking at optimising accounts where we could.

Over the period of three and a bit months, and with lots of help from the brilliant Biddable Team, I can happily find my way around otherwise daunting tools, build campaigns and optimise them with a view to increase the visibility of all searches the client desires.

I really cannot express in words how thankful I am to all of my mentors over the year (you know who you are!). Not only have you supported my development as a marketer, you've helped me become a better person as well.

I look forward to returning to the Tech SEO department this October; the rotation which kicked off this amazing journey.



Final rotation: Analytics & insight

In May 2016, I began my final rotation in Analytics and Insight. The work I have performed in this department has been completely different to any of the work I have previously completed at Fresh Egg. This has been very useful and has given me a broader knowledge of understanding data and working in Google Analytics.

When I first started in this team my main priority was to pass my GAIQ, after a few weeks of solid revision I finally passed and was able to get busy working on client accounts. I have completed a number of tasks within the department; these include insight reports, monthly dashboards, health checks and spot checks.

I’ve really enjoyed working within this team as I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time. The tasks I found most exciting would be producing health checks, as you can discover a lot about a website and come up with different ways to make improvements.



  • Final rotation: technical SEO

SEO is my final rotation here at Fresh Egg (this year has flown by), and during my time in the team I have had the opportunity to get involved in many hands-on projects, and learn a lot about the department.

Starting with the useful, but sometimes tedious, Distilled U modules, I feel I now have the foundations to build on in terms of a working SEO knowledge – I’ve learnt what really goes on behind the scenes of a website that I previously had no idea about.

I’ve gained experience in working with SEO specific tools such as Screaming Frog, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, and now have a clear understanding of what Google looks for in the structural and technical elements of a website.

Although each day has been different, there’s always been a tonne to learn. Thank you to everyone who has made my time here at Fresh Egg such a great and rewarding experience.



  • Final rotation: client services

I can’t believe it’s almost over… Client Services has been an amazing experience. Honestly, there has not been a quiet moment, almost to the point that I don’t have time to do my GAIQ but rest assured, I’ll get there. So, what have I been up to?

  • Writing PESTLE analysis
  • Running reports and adding RAGs into Synergist
  • Creating endless Wiki pages
  • Working in collaboration with Lisa on the documenting processes project
  • Creating and formatting endless Trello boards
  • Lots of self-study and exams
  • Competitor research
  • Account time management reporting
  • Changing the passwords (good luck to the poor soul that has to do it when we leave)
  • Creating presentations
  • Listening and taking notes in client calls/meetings

I have honestly never met a more supportive bunch than the Client Services team. Despite how nervous I was in doing my first presentation at Fresh Egg, I have never felt more comfortable. They really do get you thinking on your feet, so improvising, handling pressure and keeping calm have never been so important!

On that note I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Fresh Egg – for all the time and effort you have put into making me a more knowledgeable and confident person (ignoring the fact it took me three months to pluck up the courage to make a cup of tea). You’ve all been invaluable to the rest of my career… thank you very much.

Apprentice's last day at Fresh Egg

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