Google Search App Indexing Comes to iOS

As some of the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted in our digital marketing news round up earlier this week, Google has recently announced that App Indexing is now coming to iOS apps.

App Indexing for Android mobile apps has been around for a while now. For almost as long, people have been asking when the functionality would be made available for iOS apps. An announcement, made via the Google Webmaster Central blog, finally answered that question – it’s coming now.

Google iOS app indexing

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When can I get my iOS app indexed?

If you’re eager to get your iOS app showing up in Google’s mobile search results, you might have to wait just a little while yet.

Google has said that, at the moment, ‘Indexed links from an initial group of apps we’ve been working with will begin appearing on iOS in search results both in the Google App and Chrome for signed-in users globally in the coming weeks’.

So, it’s not available for every iOS app just yet.

How can I get my iOS app indexed?

Although only available to a ‘small group of test partners initially’, there are some steps you can take to get a head start on App Indexing for iOS. According to Google, to get ready for the wider roll-out, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add deep linking support to your iOS app
  2. Make sure it’s possible to return to search results with one click
  3. Provide deep link annotations on your site
  4. Let Google know you’re interested by filling out an interest form

Find more details on all of the above in the Webmaster Central announcement.

What is App Indexing?

Implementing App Indexing allows Google to crawl and index a mobile app, and therefore show your app’s content in mobile search results.

It means that, if you’ve implemented it correctly, your app may be displayed to Google searchers if it features content relevant to their search.

Read our previous blog post – How to Implement App Indexing for Google Search: Your Questions Answered – to find out more.

If you’ve got further questions about App Indexing, get in touch – we’ll be happy to help.