Digital Recruitment

Your alternative choice to a traditional recruitment agency. Take the stress away with Fresh Egg’s hands-on recruitment services that are grounded in digital expertise and experience.


Are you looking for a short-term contractor?

We can help you fill your short-term positions quickly.

Do you need a permanent team member?

We have an excellent selection of fantastic candidates.

Do you need help with recruitment processes?

We can help with creating job roles, job descriptions and interviewing.

Are you ready to recruit your in-house digital team and looking to pass the baton over to a recruitment agency?

If it’s right for your business, it can be a great choice. Because let’s face it, recruitment can be hard. Candidates with the right mix of skills, personality, drive and enthusiasm for your brand won’t come knocking on your door the moment you need them.

How can you be sure that you choose the right agency? One who really knows the digital environment and has the experience to search out shining digital talent?

Look no further. We can help you. Our hands-on recruitment services are like no other. We own the digital expertise that many traditional recruitment agencies simply don’t have, which means that we’re perfectly positioned to spot quality talent when we see it. Looking beyond a CV and being able to truly understand our clients’ objectives, matching the technical skills and digital experience that separates the very best candidates from the rest.

Our recruitment services are also tailored to perfectly align with our consultative resourcing services. So, we can be with you on the entire in-housing journey, or simply join you to find and place candidates. The choice is yours.

What separates us from the pack?

Read on to learn why we are the ideal partner to manage your digital recruitment.

Changing the nature of the conversation

When we search out and make the first contact with individuals, we are doing so as another digital marketing professional, working on your behalf. Our main emphasis is to match an individual’s drivers to your opportunity, their experience and skills to your role. Ensuring the best fit. We understand digital marketers and from the very first touchpoint will nurture an authentic and trustworthy conversation.

Managing resource

If you have roles that are notoriously hard to fill, we can provide you with temporary resource, such as freelancers, as well as employing the tactics needed to attract a wider pool of talent.

A thorough knowledge of technical capabilities

We know what separates a true technical specialist from a budding one. Saving our clients time by bringing them the very best candidates who match their requirements.

Strong heritage in digital marketing

We are recognised for delivering award-winning client work. We will bring that success to the table.


19 years’ experience in digital recruitment

Fresh Egg has been hiring some of the best talent in digital marketing for the last 19 years. We also have specialist recruitment professionals in-house and on-the-ground, ready to help you.

Simple fee model

We have a simple fee model for successful placements. We are not just chasing commission, working instead towards creating successful and long-term hires for our clients.

In-Housing support

We have a range of tailored services to support all of your resourcing requirements. From technical role creation, candidate market mapping and managing introductions. Through to interviewing, on-boarding and ongoing training and mentoring.

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