Your digital MOT

At Fresh Egg our mission is to uncover client challenges and transform them into digital success.

Digital Maturity Auditing is the perfect realisation of how we do this. Your very own digital MOT.

It benchmarks your performance, and implements change to transform your proposition within the digital landscape.

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Fresh Egg CX report


Your customer experience and digital capability is scored across five key areas on our Digital Maturity Scale. We identify quick wins, gaps and opportunities for transformation.

  • Strategic approach
  • Reporting & measurement
  • Data strategy
  • Digital capability (resource, structure & governance)
  • Integrated customer experience

Digital roadmap 

Your ‘digital readiness score’ gives us a roadmap for success.

An engrained understanding of your limitations and how to overcome them means we can help you evolve, supporting a business case for change and identifying skills gaps to upskill staff.

Guidance & direction

With a birdseye view and deep understanding of your challenges, we discover what success looks like and guide you on the journey to continued digital evolution.

Understanding and optimising your digital proposition, customer experience, owned, earned and paid media along the way.

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